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Federal is a full-service thermoplastics compounder Our nine full compounding lines and 30 years experience offer customers quick lead times and the ability to be supplied with consistent high quality pre-colored and specialty filled commodity and engineering resins. Our varied production equipment allows both small and large compounding orders to be filled according to your production schedules.

As an independent compounder, resin, pigment and additive selection is based on meeting your requirements - not on intercompany profitability. Customer supplied proprietary formulations stay just that - proprietary.

Because we are also distributors of resin, product consistency is standard. Utilizing computerized QC procedures, our products meet FDA, UL, ASTM, ISO and other governmental and commercial standards and specifications where required.

Whether you require a custom colored resin or one of our Prism pre-colored resins, Federal is committed to quality and service.

"Full-Service" means offering more to customers than just selling resin. Our strategically located compounding facility, with immediate access to major sea, land, air and rail thoroughfares, offers our customers a complete line of compounding services:

  • Color Matching
  • Drying
  • Toll Compounding
  • Formulating
  • Blending
  • Technical Services


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